Our Team

  •  Meet the IH Doha Team


  • A dynamic and professional group of people from all over the world make up the staff of International House Doha.

  • Ali Aboushi

    • Bachelor in English Language and Literature 2001
    • CELTA 2013
    • More than 16 years of experience

    Ali started teaching English in secondary schools in Jordan in 2001. After coming to Qatar he joined the Ministry of Education as a teacher coordinator for the Supreme Education Council. He was appointed as Deputy General Manager of International House Doha in 2011 and as General Manager in August 2017. Ali enjoys working with students in Qatar and with the local schools to support the Qatari Vision 2030.


  • Rebecca Anne Frey

    • MA in Vocal Pedagogy
    • CELTA | LCCI 1999
    • DELTA 2016
    • More than 25 years of experience

    Rebecca started working for International House in Argentina in 1992. She is an experienced corporate and young learner trainer and has held management posts at various International House schools around the world. Rebecca loves working with students and teachers in Doha to promote the most up-to-date approaches to language training and education.


  • Peter Frey

    • MA in TESOL
    • MA in Educational Research
    • More than 25 Years of Experience

    Peter has been teaching English for the past twenty years with his wife, Rebecca, around the world. Qatar is their 15th country and Peter is very pleased to be here. As a manager, Peter has worked in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Moscow, New Zealand, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur and Jordan. His research interests include corporate curriculum and professional development.

  • Bogdan Miroshnichenko

    • BA in English Langauge and Literature 2005
    • CELTA 2005
    • BET 2011
    • DELTA 2012

    Bogdan started his teaching career with International House Tbilisi in 2004 and since then has worked for the leading language and teacher training institutions in Georgia and Turkey as a teacher and teacher trainer. He is an experienced teacher of General and Business English, ESP, EAP and Exam Preparation Courses. Bogdan joined International House Doha in October 2015 as a CELTA and Delta Module 1 trainer. He enjoys working with students and teachers from around the globe to promote modern teaching techniques and approaches

  • Ryan Glover

    • Cambridge CELTA 2012
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • 6 years of teaching experience.

    Ryan is an ESL teacher with the CELTA qualification and international experience teaching young learners, teens and adults.  Ryan has taught English in Qatar, Russia and Canada. He has also worked as a teaching assistant and did mentoring for the foundation level at universities in Canada. He enjoys biking, hiking and fishing.

  • Zina Bowey

    • M.A. in T.E.F.L.
    • More than 25 years of experience

    Zina has worked as a teacher of English and teacher trainer in various countries including Saudi Arabia, Poland and China. She is an experienced CELTA trainer, and has trained teachers at secondary and tertiary level. She enjoys meeting and working with students and teachers from different countries.