General English Courses

  • For Adults

    Our English for Life programme at IH Doha focuses on the language and skills you need to communicate well in real-life situations, whether for work, study, travel, or simply talking to friends and relatives.

    Our courses are designed to build your confidence and ability in the four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will also develop your views of grammar, vocabulary and punctuation. We adapt our lessons to the needs of the class and supplement the use of textbooks with authentic materials including digital resources and news articles.

    Our English courses are taught at our state-of-the-art language school by skilled and experienced teaching staff. Our teachers are experts in motivating you to develop your skills and confidence. We favour small classes, with an average of 10 students per class to ensure teachers can provide the support you need.



Intensity of training

Weekdays: 2 lessons per week for 2 hours per lesson or Saturdays: 1 lesson per week for 3 hours

Hours per course

Parts per course

Weeks per part

Hours per week


A1 (Starter)6047.542,395QR for 30 hours.
A2 (Elementary)12047.542,395QR for 30 hours.
B1 (Pre-intermediate)12047.542,395QR for 30 hours.
B1+ (Intermediate)12047.542,395QR for 30 hours.
B2 (Upper-Intermediate)12047.542,395QR for 30 hours.
C1 (Advanced)12047.542,395QR for 30 hours.