IH Language Awareness Course

  •  Who is it for?

    Qualified teachers wanting to develop their language awareness beyond initial training


    To familiarise participants with descriptions of language commonly found in coursebooks and other published materials (‘pedagogical grammar’). To enable course participants to critique such descriptions, both in terms of their descriptive accuracy, and their usefulness to learners.


    11 modules covering: describing language, tense, auxiliaries and operators, question tags, modality, reported speech, future forms, forms with ‘have’ and ‘be’ and conditional sentences.

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Structure & Assessment

The course is run entirely online by qualified tutors. Candidates are assessed on a portfolio of homework tasks and a detailed lesson plan that analyses a course book language area. The grading of the course is Pass or Fail.

Time Commitment

12 weeks, with a minimum of 5 hours per week online and doing tasks.


IH staff: £210 (excluding VAT)

£252 (including VAT)

Non-IH staff: £350 (excluding VAT)

£420 (including VAT)

If the fee will be paid by a business outside of the UK, VAT can be deducted from the prices listed. Please enquire upon application.

  • 24th October, 2015 – 15th January, 2016 (plus a further 2 weeks to complete the assessed portfolio).
How to Apply

This course can only be taken online via IH Online Teacher Training. Download the Application Form, fill it in and email to ttc@ihdoha.com